From cat mom to plant mom

Hello 2017!

First let me apologize for my long hiatus. I admittedly was doing nothing but sleeping, cooking, cuddling dogs, watching The Office, and in the last week, starting my last semester at MU.

I know I said that significant changes are coming to this site, but you’ll have to wait a bit longer for those as I’ve spent a considerable amount of time futzing around on WordPress and Photoshop to get a little #branding going here but it’s pretty frustrating so this site is still semi-under construction.

I’m sliding into a pretty big year, given that in four short months my parents will be shoving me off the payroll and *fingers crossed* Mizzou will be handing me a couple diplomas.

The biggest change so far in 2017 was that fact that I wasn’t able to bring my cat, Bink, back to Columbia with me because my landlord found “evidence” of him and yeah that was 100 percent prohibited in my lease L

To fill the void, I’m putting all of my motherly energy into a new project: herbs.

At this point I will remind everyone that I know I’m a huge nerd.

One of the most irritating things about cooking for one is that when you buy fresh herbs, it’s virtually impossible to use all of them before they wilt and become unusable. I know that the internet will tell you to freeze unused herbs in olive oil but frankly I think that completely defeats the purpose of fresh herbs.

When I got back into my apartment last week, I cleaned out the fridge so I could feel worthy of going to the grocery store. I splurged at my local Hy-Vee and got both cilantro and basil, aka I’m living large.

I trimmed the ends of one stem of basil and about 10 stems of cilantro and then placed them into their own very classy cups with some water and covered them with a plastic bag, as you can see below:


Ideally in the next week or so they’ll sprout some roots and I can plant them in some soil. Stay tuned!




New year, new kookie?

Hi readers! I know I haven’t posted in a while, but in 2017 I’m hoping to ramp up this blog.

I’ve spent a lot of time this break looking through new WordPress themes, thinking about a logo (#branding) and trying to decide what I want the site to look like as a whole as I jump into a new year.

I picked the name “kookie” because I think it pretty accurately describes me, I’m pretty odd. But after running this blog for nearly 18 months, I’m wondering how well that name really fits.

In the next few weeks, I hope to unveil a new and improved blog site, and I need your help! What do you think this blog should be called? Below are some of the names I’ve come up with:


chef meegs

meg’s eggs

cat lady kitchen

Please vote for your favorite with this link or in the comments!