The End

It’s December, which means a lot of things are ending. 2016, my final Fall in college, my classes.

This right here is my last blog post for 4806. Unfortunately, classes like Mobile App Development and Multimedia Planning and Design have me all too busy to crank out a high-quality post (and to cook, honestly).

So instead of taking the time to read a post from me, go ahead and take this quiz:

This Food Quiz Will Predict Your 2017 Future

My result:

Screen Shot 2016-12-10 at 16.39.14.png

I’m planning to continue this blog without academic compensation, so if you keep up, maybe you’ll find out who that person is…


Countdown to Christmas

The second Thanksgiving leftovers are put away, I embrace the holiday season. I love everything about Christmastime, from picking out the tree to baking cookies from old family recipes to twinkling houses to the unmistakeable smell of spruce and cinnamon that only belongs in the air during this time of year.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed how much time goes into creating that smell, stringing those lights, dressing that tree and baking those cookies. I have the utmost respect for my mom for taking the time each year of my childhood to create Christmas magic out of the boxes in the attic. I also don’t blame her for not wanting to do it anymore.

The weeks before Christmas are magical…except when it comes to the hallowed halls of America’s universities. I’m sprinting toward the end of a busy semester with very little time for Christmas fun, with the exception of Starbuck’s holiday menu, of course.

This weekend, however, I put away my laptop and pulled out a Wal Mart gingerbread house kit. Here’s the spirited home I wish I had time to decorate in real life:


*Note: there is a considerable amount of hot glue in this house and also the candy was pretty gross so hopefully no one will be eating it.