Thanksgiving 2016 pt.1

I woke up the morning after Thanksgiving with a pulled muscle in my right hand. Now that may sound like a nuisance at first, but think of the consequences. My right hand is my texting hand. My right hand is my cocktail holding hand. And perhaps most importantly and relevantly, my right hand is my cooking hand.

This isn’t surprising given that Thanksgiving was a marathon. Ordinarily it’s eight straight hours of intense cooking, but this year I decided to kick it up a notch by learning the family turkey trade and by checking out some video equipment from the lab.

The day started with me plopping our 21 lb turkey in the sink to rinse off the dry brine I had administered a few days prior. I then had to negotiate the turkey out of the sink and onto a roasting rack where it could be properly buttered, herbed, stuffed with soggy bread, and trussed. No worries, I got the majority of the ordeal on video.

Once the turkey was safely in the 325-degree oven, it was pie time. My sister took on the aesthetic components while I made the pumpkin and pecan fillings.

The next few hours was a blur of chopping, melting, mixing, mashing, and of course, shooting b-roll.

By 4pm we were sitting at the dining room table passing hot dishes from daughter to grandfather to son and on, right over the noses of three anxious dogs.

It’ll be at least a few days before I find the will (and the hand dexterity) to dig into all of the footage, so don’t hold your breath but definitely stay tuned. Below are a few screenshots because I’m a bit of a tease…

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I won’t be single for long?

As I’ve said before, I’m obsessed with the minute-long cooking videos on Facebook. While these videos were popularized by the Tasty channel, that was merely a gateway drug to those of us who need a virtual food fix when sitting in class.

Today, I was sitting on my computer being admittedly extremely unproductive when I came across a new video from Food Network for Rachel Ray’s “’You won’t be single for long’ Vodka Cream Pasta.” Aside from the striking first visual of cheesy tomatoey goodness being speared by a fork, I was enticed by the title. And no, not just because it had the word vodka in it.

“You won’t be single for long” may be the weirdest modifier I’ve ever seen on a dish. Don’t worry, I’m not about to break into a song about how magical the single life is and how I don’t need no man or how sad it is that our society prioritizes romantic relationships so much (I could but that would be sad).

Instead I decided to test the validity of the title. After all, I’ve frequently found that things don’t meet their moniker. For example, I’ve never found hot sauce to be particularly “hot.” And of course I don’t think that Vegan Mac and Cheese deserves to use the word cheese given that it has none.

So can this pasta make me a match? If I follow the recipe line by line, will I finally have someone to hold my hand in the grocery store?

Here’s the video in question:

Here’s what my version looks like:


My first complaint after prepping this would be that it’s prettier than me, so I’m not sure how helpful that is.

Second, it wasn’t too difficult to follow. I was kind of hoping for an intricate recipe that would demonstrate my cooking prowess to potential suitors. Any old plain jane could have pulled this one off, especially given the fact that there was an accompanying video.

It was, however, delicious, which I am to assume was the point of the name.

It’s been about 15 hours since I devoured this bowl of pasta. I’m not sure what the timeline is for this past to work its magic but I’m patiently waiting for something to happen. Stay tuned.


You can find the full recipe here.

Election 2016

Can you believe it? Election Day is mere hours away. It’s been a long time coming for all of us. I’ve been waiting for it for 11 years.

When I was nine years old, I stood on the side of the road in Tiburon, California holding a Bush Cheney sign next to a handful of the other rare republicans in NorCal.

A couple weeks later, I stayed up hours past my bed time watching the ballots come in. I couldn’t sleep before seeing good ol’ George beat that wishy-washy ketchup guy John Kerry.

In 2008, I saw the White House turn blue.

In 2012 , I watched the election from my AP Poli Sci class because I was only 17.

Four years later, my time is finally here. It’s 2016, I’m 21, and I’m heading to the polls.

I’m no politics buff. Sure, I’ve done my research and know what marks I’m making on Tuesday, but I wouldn’t ever say I’m in a place But I am a food blogger, so you had to see this coming in some way…

…the presidential candidates as sandwiches:


No matter what your sandwich preferences, it’s extremely important that tomorrow you get out and vote!