The Great RV fire of the early 2000s, redeemed

It’s been crazy busy around here lately. I often feel like I’m standing at the edge a cliff getting pelted with things trying not to get knocked over. Come May, I know I will get pushed over by a sweet lady named ‘Graduation.’

My favorite escape from the crippling anxiety of becoming an adult is food. When I’m hungry: eating it. When I’m bored: cooking it. When I’m exhausted: watching it on Food Network.

One of my least favorite shows, which I still watch from time to time for no reason, is Chopped Kids. First off, the name is a little alarming. You’re doing what to kids? Sorry that was such a dad joke.

In the various versions of this show, they put four kids of similar ages (hopefully all old enough to be holding a knife) into the chopped kitchen and tell them to compete. And darn these kids are impressive.

That wasn’t me. At age 8 my signature dish was a haphazard mix of rotel tomatoes, cream, and pasta.

The darkest point of my culinary childhood, however, occurred in an RV at my grandparents house in Colorado. My best friend Amanda and I had raided the RV’s neglected cabinets and found what must have been some pretty old rice cri and marshmallows. Not knowing any better, we thought we were perfectly equipped to make some rice crispy treats to nom on in secret so no one would try to abscond them.

Fact: Rice crispies, marshmallows, and an old RV microwave are not all the necessary components of a rice crispy treat. They are, however, perfectly good components for a small RV fire and a lot of family embarrassment.

This week I decided to redeem myself.

Your basic recipe has cereal, marshmallows, and butter. I decided to punch it up by adding various candies that I “borrowed” from the leftover Halloween candy at my office.

Biggest takeaways:

A) If you’re looking to avoid a fire, definitely use butter.

B) Don’t be a cheapo like me and go for the bargain brand cereal. Sorry Great Value, but you don’t really measure up to the real deal.

C) Rice crispy treats really aren’t all that impressive. They’re just a filler dessert. Kind of like this is a filler blog post because I know I’m going to be graded one of these days.


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