Zoodles: I tried…

If you are a user of the internet with any interest in food whatsoever, I would venture a guess that you’ve seen #PinterestFails.

Up until this week, I’ve laughed along with all of you as other people try out Pinterest recipes and fail miserably. This is probably because my older sister, Blair, is a Pinterest pro, and I know I could never live up to that.

As per my usual blog posts, here’s a little fun fact about me: I’m lazily competitive. If I think I’m good at something, I hate losing. For example, I will never back down from an AP style contest because that’s one of my niche skills. On the other hand, if there’s something I know I’m not great at, I’d rather not even try. For example, I consistently tried to be at the end of the kickball line just so I would never have to step up to the plate. Yeah, I’m pretty bad at sports.

Because I don’t like failure, I’ve generally strayed away from involved Pinterest recipes. This week, though, I ventured deep into my archive of Pinterest recipes and decided to be trendy for once by ~spiralizing~ my zucchini.

Zucchini is one of the best vegetables out there, in my opinion. It goes with so many cuisines (think about it: Italian, Asian, Mexican, American).

I was optimistic going into this spiralizing adventure because I think in many instances pasta is just a vehicle for sauce. For example, I think that spaghetti is stupid so whenever I make Bolognese I just eat it out of a bowl like soup (sorry to any Italian readers who may be offended by that).

While some spiralizers can go for upwards of $50, I sprung for the very affordable $10 Vegetti.

I decided to keep this one simple because frankly I haven’t been grocery shopping in a whilleeeee so I had no choice but to stick with olive oil, garlic, tomato, and herbs.

The recipe I skimmed over said that the most important step was salting the zucchini and letting it drain for 20 minutes before cooking it, so I did. The salt drew out the water as well as a lot of the texture that I love so much.

For some reason the first time around I thought that I would be satisfied with half of a zucchini, but was horribly mistaken. By the time it had cooked down, I was left with a very sad little bowl of what I pretended wasn’t reminiscent of worms.


Although I was #unimpressed, for the sake of experimentation I decided to spiralize the second half of the zucchini and cook it up without presalting it. I concluded that batch number two was better, and scarfed it down before I could even take a picture.

At the end of the day, zoodles did end up being a nice, guilt free way to enjoy sauce. Will I use the spiralizer again? Yes, I paid $10 for that thing. Would I buy the spiralizer again? Nah. Ignoring that conclusion, anyone want to buy the spiralizer from me? I’d charge ya a fair $11 (The extra dollar is tacked on because it’s now kookie-famous)

We’re going to file this experiment under #PinterestMehs


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