Do people still say SKA?

That’s right folks, senior year is officially here.


Three years ago I was a baby tiger learning to navigate a new world brimming with independence. It was exhilarating and terrifying all at the same time.

Weirdly enough, August 2016 has a similar feel as 2013 did. I’m exhilarated as I enter my final lap at a school that I love so dearly. And I’m terrified that a couple days ago I got this email reminding me that in 9 months I have to leave (or my parents will be extremely unhappy):


Unfortunately, all of the excitement of a new year comes with a hell of a lot of strings attached given that I do in fact need to take classes (bummer.)

I launched kookie last fall as a way to earn extra credit points in J4804, aka the most nightmarish class I have ever taken #neverforget. I’m pretty proud that I was able to keep it alive after the class ended.

Today, kookie will once again be a supplement to my education as a requirement for J4806, the aforementioned nightmare’s less-awful (I hope) older sibling.

I had an intense debate with myself the other day regarding a possible change in rhetoric with kookie since it will once again be surveilled by professors who maybe aren’t interested in reading some of the more intimate material that’s been posted on this blog in the past eight months.

I ultimately decided that this blog is my soap box, so it’ll continue to sound like me, rest assured.

Another requirement of the class is that the posts be focused on a specific topic. While it was created as a food blog, I admit that in the past few months kookie has gotten a little off-course, so get ready for a bit of a redirect.

Cheers to senior year!


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