The water…

There really is something in the Croatian water.
This blog post is over a week late, but it’s been typed out on my phone since I was on the plane back from Zagreb so I figure I might as well share it.
We booked our trip to the Dalmatian coast back in January, when the Brussels chill made Croatian beaches sound impossibly appealing. Just our luck, though, Croatia had an uncharacteristic rainy weekend, squashing any chance of a sunburn. Oh well, the country was still impossibly beautiful.
We arrived on Friday night around 10 and immediately hit the Bacvice beach clubs. It only took a few minutes to realize that Croatia is a super cheap country. In my #mubxl class this semester we learned that Croatia joined the EU in 2013, but hasn’t yet entered the Eurozone, so they use Kuna, which have a conversion rate of 7.49 to 1 (yes please).
It was raining when we woke up on Saturday morning, but that didn’t stop us from hitting up Mereda, or Croatian brunch. We feasted on meatballs, stuffed peppers, stuffed zucchini, and a mountain of mashed potatoes for only €6 each (once again, yes please).
In the afternoon, the sun finally came out. As we walked along the Adriatic coast, we made the impromptu decision to jump into the icy Adriatic. I consider myself somewhat of a cliff-jumping veteran after dozens of summers in Colorado, so I took off first (after 10 minutes of panicking):
Jumping into the ocean in your underwear on a whim is exhilarating (or maybe that feeling came from the cold water?¿)
On Saturday night we found ourselves back on Bacvice, this time for the pizza (Croatia is adjacent to Italy, after all). We then spent the night with other travelers in the hostel.
On Sunday morning we made the trek up to Krka National Park to see the waterfalls:
For lunch, our guide brought us to a local restaurant where we ate unlimited prosciutto, cheese, bread, pickles, and olives. Also included: bottomless house wine and grappa (yikes). I’m going to refrain from commenting on the amount of alcohol that was consumed at that farm table.
A booking snafu meant that I spent Sunday night at a different hostel than my friends, which was actually cool because we got to meet a new group of people and the hostel owner, Josko, was one of the top 10 coolest people I’ve met on this trip.
On Sunday, our schedule was open, so we slept in, ate breakfast made by Josko’s mom before hiking up to a couple different panoramas above Split.
Josko took us up to Klis Fortress on Monday night for archery and to pretend like we’re in Game of Thrones. It was freezing.
Monday dinner was pasta made by Josko and his adorable daughters. When the hostel crew turned on the new GOT episode, Sam and I checked out a local bar.
Tuesday morning started early with a 4:45 ride to the airport, where I learned that my flight was actually booked for the following day. We’re not going to talk about how expensive that oopsie was /:
Our layover in Zagreb was a hefty seven hours giving us ample time to spend the few Kuna we had left.
20 of this kuna went to the Museum of Broken Relationships, which exhibits different pieces and anecdotes about people’s personal experiences with love and loss. I spent over an hour in the museum just bathing in all of the feelings I’ve ever had about my own relationships. That kind of experience cannot be put into words, but I would strongly recommend you visit.
We finally reached Brussels at 6pm, ready to tear up our final days in the city as MUBXL-ers.

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