Au Revoir MUBXL

Four months ago today, my dad dropped me on the curb at DFW airport with two stuffed suitcases and a heart full of anxiety.

When I found out I had been accepted into the Brussels program in November, I didn’t really tell anyone. I didn’t feel remotely prepared to pack up my life in Columbia for an entire semester abroad. I spent the next couple months dreading the trip, and didn’t really feel actual excitement until the wheels were up.

My anxiety wasn’t about the independence, because I’ve always had a little too much of that. I was more worried that I’d be living with 15 girls whom I had never met before. That’s right, this girl went to a foreign country and her biggest fear was the people coming with her.

If you recall my first blog post, my Belgium experience began pretty rocky with a couple of lost suitcases. But when I finally got to the apartment, I was greeted by the girl who would become my ride-or-die, as they say, Miss Sam Kummerer. She said she and my other love, Hanna (who was napping, of course) had waited for my arrival to go out and explore.

This was my first Instagram post in Brussels, taken with a jet-lagged hand.
2016-01-06 14.49.35

Over the course of the semester I’ve passed this spot a dozen times (usually on the way to Delirium) and it doesn’t get old.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that a lot of other girls on the trip felt similar anxiety about fitting in and making friends. Within five minutes of meeting Sam she told me that she’d travel by herself if she couldn’t find anyone to go with her. Lol Sam, as if you could survive alone.

It’s important to note that our class was made up of 15 girls and one token boy. That’s a lot of estrogen, people, especially for a girl like me whose friends are mainly male. But getting to know each of them was a privilege, and can promise you that I’ll miss them all.

It’s been one week since the program ended. Half of us have already gone home and half are spending a few weeks here with their parents. I’m sitting in a tent in the Sahara reminiscing about the semester and wishing I had the Wi-Fi to tweet something with #mubxl

At the end of my Moroccan adventure I’m excited to welcome my little sister across the pond and show her the incredible world I’ve experienced here, but it won’t be the same without my mubxl-ers.

Thanks for a dope semester, Tigers, and see y’all on campus next year.


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