The fight against hanger…


A couple weekends ago, I hopped on a quick plane to Old Blighty.

2016-01-30 15.25.26-2

Upon arrival at the London Gatwick airport, my travel companions and I realized that we didn’t have useable directions to get from the airport to our “home base” for the weekend (shout out to Hanna’s friend Rachel for letting us crash).

The Sheets clan is notorious for getting “hangry,” which is the state of being incredibly unpleasant when one has not gotten sustenance in a while.

Standing in that London airport, I can confirm that I was indeed hangry. The combination of travel stress and only having consumed a few pieces of toast earlier that day made me shut down.

I’m proud to say I managed to pull up and pull off my most impressive navigation fete since I’ve been abroad by figuring out how to get to Rachel’s apartment.

Turns out, my roommate Sam also suffers from hanger, so it was clear that we needed to find food ASAP. We ended up stopping in a pub called “The Hop Poles,” where I chowed down on a plate of Steak and Ale Pie, chips, and peas.

2016-01-29 20.29.17

Traditional British food is weird. My “pie” was essentially chunks of beef soaked in brown gravy wrapped in flaky dough. While it was a great remedy for my hanger, it for sure resembled dog food.

Also, what is the darn deal with their “chips?” I know I’m not the first American to complain about this. These are chips:


These are not chips:


Also, sorry London but Brussels is kicking your butt with their fries game. Except I do really enjoy malt vinegar on my fries.

The chips/fries weren’t the only thing that the UK is doing weirdly. Why the beans (British baked, if you wish) do they drive on the wrong side of the street? I just don’t understand. How did that happen? I’ll Google it and get back to you.

The other notable food experience from my quick trip was Saturday afternoon tea near Trafalgar Square. For only 12 pounds we got a large tower of delicious tea sandwiches, pastries, scones, and clotted cream—with a big pot of tea. It was definitely one of my favorite parts of London.


The best part was for sure these ~phenomenal~ lemon bars:

2016-01-30 16.47.02


On Saturday night, the couple weeks of intense travel really got to me and I came down with a case of malaise that meant I only chowed on my roommate Sam’s leftover chow mein for dessert whilst watching UK Food Network (not nearly as good as the FN in the USA, FYI.)

When I got back to Brussels on Sunday afternoon, I happily ate an entire package of tomatoes (10 golf-ball-sized beauties), a craving that I believe was the result of not getting enough vitamins in the previous weeks, so I’m working on that.

As evidenced by the fact that this post is a week late, there’s a lot going on over here, but I’m sure not complaining.



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