Eat like a SWIFTie

Sorry for the post pile-up, but last week was so crazy that my London blog was delayed…but the craziness was also filled with plenty of good food that I know my grandparents want to read about!!

Brussels was abuzz with the craziness of SWIFT’s Global Sales Convention, which is basically just a chance for salespeople from across the world (New York, Kuala Lumpur, Dubai, Belgium, etc.) come together to gab and, more importantly, eat copious amounts of delicious catering.

I stupidly committed the cardinal sin of eating a ton of gorgeous food without actually taking photos of it. I know. I’m a monster. But here’s a quick run down of some of the things on the menu:

  1. Red curry with chicken
  2. White sausage (would not recommend)
  3. Smoked salmon (would also not recommend)
  4. Truffled mashed potatoes (they were mysteriously green and mushy but delicious nonetheless)
  5. “Mini cheeseburgers”- a feeble (but delicious) attempt at American food with strange meat, stinky cheese, and sour barbecue sauce. I ate three of them.
  6. Whatever these are (some kind of mango something and some kind of passion fruit something):

2016-02-03 14.09.32

  1. Stoemp- mashed vegetables with veal sausage. We washed it down with plenty of free wine at a banquet at Palais d’Egmont whilst watching some people on stilts. SWIFT does it big.


There were a million other options that I don’t remember. But I think you get the gist: SWIFTies eat well.




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