The most important meal of the day

Today I started my internship at SWIFT, about three hours late.

The SWIFT headquarters is called a “campus” and is located outside of Brussels. So my Mizzou classmate, Amy, and I set out this morning at 7:20 to figure out the public transportation.

We were both incredibly nervous beforehand, but managed to buy tickets and get on the correct bus without a hitch. However, when we reached our stop at the Delta bus station, we couldn’t find “Step Two” of our commute, which was a private shuttle to the headquarters.

After running around and searching for the station and realizing at 8:30 that we were not going to catch the 8:20 shuttle, we called our supervisor for a plan. We spent the next hour deciding whether to figure out the train system, hail a cab, or just go home and try again tomorrow. I’m proud to say that we chose option B.

Unfortunately, when you don’t know a city very well, it’s pretty difficult to direct a cab to your location. We spent about 30 minutes playing phone tag with the frustrated cab driver before surrendering to a local woman who explained the location for us in French (did I mention how nice the people are here?)

The entire cab ride to the headquarters, Amy and I mulled over the entire yucky morning, only to decide that this was really one of those things where we did everything we could (we researched, asked for help, and were patient) with one exception: neither of us had breakfast.

Moral of the story? Eat a balanced breakfast, kids. It’s supremely embarrassing to be late on your first day.


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