Brussels bound…

Stitched Panorama
Stitched Panorama

I’ve mentioned before that 4804 has really taken a toll on my eating schedule. Some people are stress-eaters, but I’m exactly the opposite, I eat when I’m bored. And I sure haven’t been bored this semester.

However, the semester is officially coming to a close, which means yours truly is packing up to study abroad in Brussels, Belgium.

Belgium is known for three things (notably none of them Brussels sprouts, hmm…)

Here’s the breakdown:

  1. Beer- Everyone keeps telling me how much beer I’m going to drink in Belgium…except I honestly have no taste for it. Sure, I like what it does with a beer-can chicken or Mexican borracho beans, but to be honest the sharp aftertaste that comes with literally every beer I’ve ever tried is just not something I’m a fan of. But I guess we’ll see. I will, after all, be of legal drinking age.
  1. Chocolate- Hi my name is Megan and I’m a chocoholic. Always have been, always will be. My parents consistently have at least eight bars of chocolate in their pantry. But since we’re on the subject, I have one pet peeve to air: white chocolate is not chocolate. It is a disgrace. Just no. But yeah, Belgian chocolate, I’m ready for you.
  1. Waffles- I don’t eat waffles very often simply because cleaning a waffle iron is a nuisance. Belgium is famous for their waffles because they use some kind of fancy yeast or something—I don’t know how it works but dang, they never disappoint.

The semester is coming to a close, but I’ve got a big adventure on the horizon. Brussels, you ready for me?



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