Eating my way through the D…

IMG_0257 copyThere are two things that I love about being home: my dogs, and my parent’s fridge.

This year, with my little sister off at college, my parents are empty nesters. When I opened the fridge to find a lot of beer, some condiments, and some sour milk. While yes, this was upsetting, it means that I’ve gotten to eat from restaurants a lot this week.

Here is a table-by-table breakdown of my restaurant experiences this break:

  1. Best Thai– Right when I stumbled out of my car after a nine-hour drive from Columbia to Dallas, my dad handed me a takeout menu. Upon answering the phone, my girl Nope at Best Thai immediately knew who I was, if that gives you any indication of how often I used to eat here in high school. The green curry was just as amazing as I remembered it.
  1. Blue Sushi Sake Grill– On Sunday night I went to get sushi with my friend’s family for her birthday. The combination of edamame hummus, mango crab Rangoon, coconut crab soup, and a Spanish fly roll more food than I’ve eaten in months, but I welcomed the food baby with open arms.
  1. Czech Stop– On Monday, my friend and I made the trek down to Austin, stopping in Waco to get a kolache at this famous gas station. When Harold’s started offering kolaches in Columbia, I remember all of my MU friends getting confused and put off by the idea of sausage rolled in dough. I mixed it up this time and got one with brisket. Oh, Texas, how I missed you.
  1. Teji’s– When we got to Austin, we met up with friends and went to get A+ Indian food by the University of Texas. I had spent the entire car ride stressing about my 4804 story, so I was happy to drown my stress in lamb curry and garlic naan.
  1. Kerbey Lane Café– On Tuesday morning, my three-month brunch drought finally came to an end with a big ol’ plate of Texas Benedict, aka jalapeno corn cakes topped with a poached egg, steak, pico de gallo, and QUESO. It was magnificent. There’s nothing like brunch in Texas.
  1. Princi Italia– When I arrived back in Dallas on Tuesday night, my grandma had flown in from Arizona and my parents still weren’t into the idea of cooking, so we went to this local Italian restaurant. To start, my parents and I shared a beet and crab salad with mango and radicchio, which was to die for. I fell in love with my boar gnocchi, but cheated on it by taking bites of my mom’s black pepper fettuccini on the side *wink*
  1. Blue Sushi Sake Grill– On Wednesday, I managed to convince my boyfriend to take my back to Blue for more coconut crab soup and a Roja roll, plus stolen bites of his tuna tower.
  2. Breadwinners– BW’s is one of those places where you’re looking at the menu thinking “Wow, so many delicious looking healthy options!” and you end up ordering something carb-y and mayo-y. In my case, a Greek salad turned into a Sonoma Chicken sandwich: grilled chicken, green chili, chipotle mayo, jack cheese, and insanely buttery sourdough.
  3. Meso Maya– As per Sheets family tradition, the Friday night after Thanksgiving was TexMex night. Meso Maya does it with a central American twist. I took advantage of my dad’s wallet and a better proximity to the ocean and indulged in some salmon and coconut rice, plus my body weight in chips and salsa.
  4. Raising Canes– Canes is basically Zaxby’s, add high quality chicken and subtract the salt burn. Also, nobody does Texas toast like Texas herself.



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