I would never do that to you, artichokes.

There’s a common bumper sticker phrase among nutrition students: Food is Fuel. Frankly, I find that insulting. How dare they compare the masterpieces on my “Food” Pinterest Board to gasoline?

For me, eating isn’t an obligation. It’s a privilege. It’s a hobby. It’s an art.

This morning, I got the following email from Pinterest:

Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 4.51.15 PM

You’re right Pinterest, “Artichokes” does sound like a board that I would be interested in. I love me some artichokes. So on deadline day, am I going to insult the artichoke by treating it like a dental appointment? Like, “oh, sorry artichoke, society says I’m required to consume you.” As if. I would never do that to you, artichokes.

Food is so much more than just fuel.

This week, I had approximately three real meals. It’s a little ironic that my 4804 blog is about food, and yet 4804 sucks out all of my will to eat. In the chaos of keeping a million balls up in the air, it doesn’t seem like there’s time to pick up a fork, that is, until hypoglycemia sets in. Then I definitely need food for fuel.


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