In Remembrance…

…of all the fallen produce in my vegetable drawer over the years.

This week, I opened my refrigerator to a sadly familiar smell, that of neglected vegetables. I held a short funeral for a few stalks of asparagus and a container of spinach. It was emotional.

One of the worst parts about being a college student is the constant struggle to keep up with the vegetables I buy. When every week only has a couple nights that I even have time to cook, and each meal is only for one (forever provolone, as they say), it’s pretty hard to justify buying perishables. It would definitely be more cost effective to go to the cliche ramen route.

Right now, my fridge is full of condiments, half a bag of Brussels sprouts, and a few containers of yogurt. My kitchen trash can has more Jimmy John’s wrappings than I’d like to admit.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned as a veggie-loving collegiate is to pace myself when I step into the produce aisle. I’ve come to terms with the fact that a “Buy 9, get 6 free!” deal on zucchini doesn’t exactly fit my lifestyle.

But that doesn’t mean I like it.


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