Eggs: The cooking gateway drug

I first stepped up to the stove when I was 5 years old, and I was a published cookbook author by the time I turned 8.

That’s right, somewhere in my grandparent’s house is Meg’s Eggs, a detailed account of young love between yours truly and the humble scrambled egg.

My eggs were infamous among my family members, probably because everyone had noticed how terrible I am at sports and knew I would need something else to fall back on.

Scrambled eggs are the gateway drug of cooking.

Cooking eggs teaches a variety of skills including pan heat control, spatula management, and possibly most importantly, when to cut your losses. There’s no use in trying to resuscitate a clump of dry brown, $0.30 eggs.

What’s more, scrambled eggs are the perfect canvas for discovering different flavors.* When I was younger, my favorite thing to put in eggs was tarragon, for some reason.

Thinking about extending your meal repertoire beyond turkey sandwiches and frozen dinners? Eggs are the perfect place to start.

*Warning: Some people are just terrible when it comes to flavor profiles. My dad, for example, thinks it’s acceptable to combine chipotle peppers and asparagus in his eggs—and that’s why we no longer


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